Weasley Boys // Fin

Weasley Boys // Fin

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The Weasley twins; a comedic duo with dreams of opening up a joke shop.

Lana Finchley know this. She's watched them since the pair entered Hogwarts with her. Loud, cocky and full of confidence, she's envious of them. 

When Dumbledore announces the reinstatement of the Triwizard Tournament, she's surprised when they approach her; they need Aging Potions, and fast.

Dragged into a world of jokes and wild antics, Lana feels as though she'll finally be like them. All she has to do is make them the potion - simple...right? 

❝ You're not so sparky, are you? ❞

❝ What am I? A dog? ❞

❝ No. You're Lana. Our Lana. ❞


Based on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

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Phyxsics Phyxsics Sep 24, 2017
My favourite house💚 though, I was sorted into Gryffindor on Pottermore
cap-tan cap-tan Aug 23, 2017
Talk about dramatic entrance...
                              Ohk now I got this super weird mental image of Moody in a strapless baby pink gown and a tiara...
                              I  h a v e  s i n n e d !  !
Hullo there Mr. Bartemius Crouch Jr, lovely to see you once again.
poppin130 poppin130 Oct 13, 2017
The Sorting Hat has never yet picked a house untrue to those whom it sorts.
Articfoxez Articfoxez Sep 04, 2017
                              I thank Pottermore for my results :)