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Hush, Little Lamb (Frerard)

Hush, Little Lamb (Frerard)

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Frerard_shipper_13 By Frerard_shipper_13 Updated Jul 09, 2015

After a seemingly eternal existence of utter loneliness, Gerard finds his mate. The only problem? His mate is a human, who was raised to be a slave to a vampire master. His mate sees himself as nothing but an object. Can Gerard get his mate to learn to love him if he can't even love himself?

Frerard_is_so_Gay Frerard_is_so_Gay 6 days ago
Eh cruel man is probably gonna soften like all them cliché books idk. Don't ask me why I read those
As I read the cubby mans lines I gave him the voice of a fat man eating with his multiple chins flying everywhere
it's not the same thing, I'm basically a slave to my pet cat, there is a difference between those words Mikey
                              Can I like,,, 
                              bLOw uP s0MetHinG oR sOMeOnE?¿!¡
Rereading this and wondering why I haven't commented my glee for this pun