Cold Fire

Cold Fire

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Athena's Little Corner By ladybloom64 Updated Jun 29

- I wonder if you'd still breath with no lungs...He's planning on mutilating me until I run out of blood !
- Why are you doing this?. I asked, my wounds starting to sting.
- Nothing personal just the usual blast. 
Why is he acting so cold while his eyes are saying otherwise ?

Am I having pity on him SERIOUSLY ?!

- What could make someone do such a thing ? I inquired dumbfounded.
- Oh, didn't Daddy tell his little princess ? This has something to do with my dad ?
- Tell me what ? I asked confused.
- Secrets never stay hidden. He said.
- What is that supposed to mean ? I questioned.
- You'll know soon enough. AGAIN with that smirk !
- Go to hell ! I cried out in fear.
- I did (---------) ...But it was no fun without you. If his aim was to piss me off, congrats, he succeeded !
- DON'T CALL ME (---------)...wait a sec ! How did you...? I stared at him in disbelief.
- Surprise ! Missed me much ? No, no, nooo, NOT HIM PLEASE !
- You freaking monster ! I shouted with  tears of rage.
- That's an offense to my soul. He acted all surprised.
- A...soul ? Since when do demons HAVE a soul ? I asked sarcastically irritated by him.
- That was a...what do they call it again ? Oh yeah...a metaphor (---------) ! He said as he smirked proudly.

He started approaching making my stomache knot harder at each step, undressing me with his looks. Halfway through his smirk turned into a wide grin...Not the hot one you have in mind no, more like Satan's expression when he's about to reap your soul, I was TERRIFIED !
- Why suddenly all quite ?. He asked his gaze fixated on my lips.
- Stay...away from me ! I warned him, although knowing that with how my hands were cuffed, there wasn't much I could do to stop him.
- Why ? You wouldn't happen to be afraid now, would you ? He whispered in my ear, as I could feel his breath caressing my neck. Too bad...Such a waste, I won't know how your lipstick tastes. He said biting his lip, not afraid to show his craving for mine .