Broken:  A Time Lord's Story  (Doctor Who Novel)

Broken: A Time Lord's Story (Doctor Who Novel)

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Cheryl Rosecrans By CRosecrans Completed

In the 42nd century, a search for a kidnapped baby takes a man known as the Doctor to Regulus IV where he's kidnapped and brutally tortured. His salvation lies in the hands of a gentle  telepathic child.  Forced by her captor to tend to his wounds,  she soon starts fighting in secret to keep him alive and save them both. But when a desperate attempt to escape goes wrong, he lands far from her help on  21st century Earth. Surrounded by strangers, his mind broken and body ravaged, how will he survive? Will his friends be able to find him in time? Will he find justice or seek revenge against those who brutalised him? Follow the Doctor through his own personal hell. 

This Doctor Who story is not the usual fan fiction.  It is an adult story with mature themes including the difficulty of recovering from a violent crime and is meant for non-fans of the series as well. Chapters 1-15 have been re-edited.