Meeting Him

Meeting Him

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🌹 By Rosedove10 Updated Dec 20, 2016

A simple life is all that I wanted BUT NOO Lucas Alessandri had to march in and ruin it. Damn him and his hot sexy fa- WHERE IN THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM NIKKI GET A GRIP! Yeah therapy isn't working. Well if you count talking to your brunette friend about your problems... Then sure I go to therapy. Now if you told me one week from now I would have a CEO billionaire chasing me. I would just slap you and say, "Stop playing with girls dreams!" 
Then a week from that I'd be at your door step stating sorry while you smirk and cross your arms. 

Then yes. But why me! "Well I can name a bunch of reasons right now-" Lucas interrupts. "Go away! Get another description to ruin."  Where was I? 

"How hot and sexy I am." 

"NO, now go tell someone who cares!" 

It all happened when I was called to make a cake and- 

You know what read the story to find out what happens.

p.s @justdance3455 wrote the description.
p.p.s @missmakeovermycovers made the prettyful cover of my book. (thank you so much)

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