Romance in the Wizarding World (A Harry Potter One-Shot Collection)

Romance in the Wizarding World (A Harry Potter One-Shot Collection)

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In these little one-shots, you'll see that love can happen anywhere at anytime: during the heat of battle, at a secret late night meeting, or even by sheer chance.

Please note that all pairings are book characters/OC. 

Happy reading, Potterheads! :)


**Disclaimer: I only own the characters that narrate the one-shots and any other OCs seen throughout the collection. The original characters belong to J.K. Rowling**

Nefarior Nefarior Nov 12, 2016
Aww, this is sweet. You're pretty skilled! Lydia is a great character.
pielover468 pielover468 Oct 07, 2016
Wow Seamus sounds very nice considering he was a jerk to Harry in his fifth year.
the3broomsticks the3broomsticks Sep 17, 2016
I didn't have time, so I just skimmed, but this is golden! Keep up the awesome work!
cityofbookfreaks cityofbookfreaks Sep 17, 2016
You didn't put Hermione in your cast list!!! And, considering she's the best character of the whole series, I though I should bring it to your attention.
Ravenclaw_Ray Ravenclaw_Ray Oct 30, 2016
Draco: Ew! Don't touch me fgt! 😖😖😖
                              Voldemort: Nu! It's hug time!
Lilly_R2 Lilly_R2 Sep 18, 2016
this is pretty good. most fanfic i read is kinda bullcrap tbh. and im not talking about harry potter only. but you did an amazing and i say amazing job