Generation of Vampires (GoM x Reader)

Generation of Vampires (GoM x Reader)

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(Name) is just a regular student at Teiko Middle School. She gets good grades, has fabulous looks and is best friends with the super talented Generation of Miracles. 

She's been friends with Kuroko Tetsuya ever since they were little. But he's never told (Name) his secret. 

One fateful night (Name) encounters something she would never have thought would existed. 

(Name) thought she knew the Generation of Miracles, but she was wrong. 

Authors Note*

This is a fanfic I'm writing about the Generation of Miracles being vampires. If you couldn't tell from the title. 

This is a x reader story so you the readers are the main character. 

I really hope you'll enjoy my story!

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happypanda2005 happypanda2005 Sep 23, 2017
Yui is annoying as hell. 
                              She's weak, and pathethic. Shoot she frickin had an chance at escaping and she was dumb enough too pass it up and she says she wants to escape BULLSHT
11kuroko11 11kuroko11 Jun 12, 2017
I hate yui with passion.
                              She is goddamn annoying and acts like a freaking masochist.
                              Subaru even gave her a silver knife and she doesnt even plan to escape and she also is so damn boring. I only continue to watch it cuz of the hot guys.
eanjii eanjii Jun 12, 2016
whoa 😸a generation of miracle is turning a vampire I like this🏀👿Cool😘
SinisterKath SinisterKath Jan 24, 2017
yassss. she's like "i dont want to be here" yet she doesnt even tried escaping. LIKE SERIOUS, PLANNED ESCAPING. urgh. deep breaths deep breaths. she is indeed annoying
oneinchash oneinchash Aug 24, 2015
Yuio is 2 ..2...2 I got it inasaint and a airhead just saying
JulsEvangel JulsEvangel May 25, 2015
Yeeyy !! I Hate Annoying readers too like Momoi saying ... "TETSU-KUUUNN!!!"