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StephRabig By StephRabig Updated Dec 21, 2020

On the edges of the Wild West, in a remote and rugged area of Wyoming, is a small frontier town.

The residents are hardy, independent - and rather eccentric. While cowboys patrol the range, tending to cattle and sheep, witches openly sell their wares on Main Street. Shapeshifters prowl the night. The saloon is haunted. Gamblers have magic as well as luck on their side, and the farmers are really in tune with the earth.

It's a place some are drawn to, like Celeste Preston, a not-so-merry widow on a deadly mission. And it's a place where everyone can find a place to belong, no matter how many teeth (or fangs, or claws) they have.

Hazeldine is where the weird meets the Old West.

((written by Angie Bee and yours truly. Updates every Monday!))