How To Be Human

How To Be Human

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"I have been shot at by people today, been chased around by people wearing hazmat suits, I overheard my boss saying he wants to kill me, and I'm now stuck with a vampire-turned-human that is cranky 24/7. All I am asking is that I get one night of sleep. One night. So, for the love of all that's holy, let me sleep in peace."

Warren stared at me for the longest time, and then finally blinked. "I tuned out after you said you were shot at, you mind repeating that again?"

Alexa Kay Hazelwood was on the brink of discovery. She was going to reveal to the world that the monsters that haunted little children's dreams were real. She was also going to reveal that she had a weapon to stop them. 

An antidote.

She was going to turn every vampire in the world back to a human again. But everything started to go the opposite way. Her boss wanted her research all to himself and the vampire she found had problems of his own. She was caught between the middle of it all.

She had to teach this vampire how to be human again.

"All I knew about Warren was that he was born in the 1700s. He had a sister and a father. He was one of the first vampires created. His best friend betrayed him (on what, I don't know) and that his name was Ryan Caine. That's all I knew about my dear friend Warren. That, and he was moody all the time."

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emily1jere emily1jere Jul 02
Where I come from flies are like people, they are everywhere. That statement is biased😐
She said "vampires" not "sparkly men who creates a hybrid between a human and some other being"
Hiya, this might sound stupid but if you wanted, you could write the chapters as a list of instructions eg. #1: Get Fired, #2: Lure the Vampire etc etc etc. Just an idea. Btw your book rocks
- - Dec 07, 2016
Could you be any more obvious?
                              (I'm gonna feel stupid if he's not actually a vampire).
Lol I just came from bite me and I read that 'Edward Harris' hahaha .....................
                              ..................................................................................I'll go home.
Lmao I get it haha Ps mu teacher today asked who likes twilight and I shot my hand up really fast and nobody else did