In my Veins

In my Veins

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Sky By _stormyskies_ Updated Oct 07

Sophia Freya Verons made a mistake. A very bad mistake. 

She slept with a rich playboy, and now she has to pay the price. 

A stupid one night stand gone wrong. A one night stand that got Sophia pregnant with a playboy's child. 


[beautiful cover by @Bluebird2900 ]

fleurgelato fleurgelato Nov 15, 2015
What a great way to meet with each other for the first time :) This made me laugh, since it was their first meeting, and I can't imagine how the brother would react.  I like the attitude of the girl . And what a cliffhanger! Haha. 
                              Good luck :)
___infamous___ ___infamous___ Nov 07, 2015
This was really great! It made me laugh, especially when she went into the boy's bathroom! I've almost done that a few times but I realized before I went in! In the beginning I thought it was her wedding! You are so vivid with all of your book! I love them!
curlingwands curlingwands Oct 31, 2015
this chapter made me laugh. I liked how it started with a sombre wedding to the drunken adventure in a guys restroom. Looks like a promising start. Would love to know how her brother reacts :D Good luck!
2001natalia 2001natalia Oct 26, 2015
This is a great book! And it's crazy that there's only a few votes! Can't people see a good book when they see one?
2001natalia 2001natalia Oct 26, 2015
Oh gawd she walked into the boys bathroom didn't she?! How embaressing. It's happend to me though.
CammyArmstrong CammyArmstrong Dec 22, 2014
                              I thought she was getting married at first. LOLOLOL
                              This was awesome. AND THAT F*CKING CLIFFHANGER!!! WHY!!!!!!! UGH! 
                              Can't wait to cont. :)