Like Night Follows Day {Yandere Oikawa x Reader}

Like Night Follows Day {Yandere Oikawa x Reader}

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AETHER. By Aetherlocket Updated Aug 30, 2020

[Yandere!Oikawa x Reader] 

On the outside, he was just a normal boy until he was smashed in the face by a volleyball that you had smacked. 

You were just another girl, so why was he so angry when you rejected him?

His past had caught up to him. He vowed to protect you no matter how many times you said no to him. And once he finally got you, he realized how much you meant to him. 

He realized that he has to make sure no one will hurt you. Not your seemingly neglecting parents, or those nasty men eyeing you, or you might choose them over him.


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