Pretty Little Liars: Emily is pregnant

Pretty Little Liars: Emily is pregnant

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Samantha By cute_monsterXo Completed

In this story Emily gets drunk and has a one night stand with a guy she doesn't even know. After returning home she isn't certain they used a condom and she fears she might be pregnant. 

How will she react when she finds out the news? How will her parents react? What will -A do?

Please add this to your reading list and comment on what you think or any suggestion I will try to incorporate them into the story

Please do not steal this story as I will send A after you and they will probably kill you. 

Hope you enjoy this story

- Samantha

Ironic name for such a trashy hotel! Haha! - Munro McLaren @cute_monsterXo
Wow nice hotel for a one night stand! 😂😏😉 - Munro McLaren
                              And who is her girlfriend?!!!!!!! Please say it's Alison!!!!!!! :) ;) - Munro McLaren
Um I thought Emily had a girlfriend!!!!!! Or did Emily just say that so the boy would leave her alone?! Please answer! - Munro McLaren
Why is Spencer so excited? Doesn't Emily have a girlfriend?! - Munro McLaren @cute_monsterXo