Yours | La Corda D'oro

Yours | La Corda D'oro

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zenthyl By zenthyl Updated May 24, 2020

A mysterious past and an unknown future.

It has been 6 years since Yui Utsugi last touched the violin. Why did she stop, you may wonder. Just like all other young, budding musicians, Yui was crushed by defeat by Len Tsukimori in their Junior High's violin competitions. And that was enough to make her hate the violin.

Nonetheless, Yui went on to pursue singing instead, keeping the memories of the violin etched deep inside her heart. She kept her past a secret and never opened up to anyone about her hidden secrets and talents in music.

As a student in the general education of Seiso Academy, one day, she was called to her teacher's office for an offer to perform for Seiso's intra-school concours - in singing of course.

In a heartbreaking series of events, Yui soon discovered that her passion for music and the violin did not really leave her.

Read on as Yui struggles to discover more about herself, her true passions and in the process, re-discover the meaning of love.

Len Tsukimori x OC
Azuma Yunoki x OC
Kazuki Hihara x OC

Author's Note:
It's a reverse harem, but with fewer characters in focus. To make it clear, Hino Kahoko doesn't exist in this story. I wanted to develop my own OC, Yui Utsugi, and the relationships between the three guys (Tsukimori, Yunoki and Hihara) in 'Yours', which is the first reverse harem fanfiction that I'm trying out. Hoping for this to be a short book so stay tuned!