I Chose Who?

I Chose Who?

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S.U.K. By Sukthepansexual Completed

IMPORTANT: To new readers, THIS BOOK IS REALLY BAD. I don't know how else to say it anymore, but I'm warning you, it's terrible. The characters are very out of character, Tim especially. My original idea was botched, everything is just REALLY bad. Please be warned.

I recently watched The Willoughbys and read the book it was based off of! So me being me, I decided to make a (very, VERY) cringey fanfic about it!

So, without further ado, I present to you...

           "I chose who?", By: S.U.K. 2020
This all takes place approximately 5 months after the four Willoughby children got adopted by nanny and commander Melanoff. 
      They've been enrolled into 
school for 3 months now and are adjusting.
   Things are finally perfect... Or are they?

    Guess you'll just have to read this bilious book to find out, huh? Mwuahaha! Oh yes I know, I'm simply horrible for doing such a heinous thing. Well too bad. 
      I'll see all of you in the comments, please do enjoy!

BIG WARNING: This is my first Willoughby story, so it might turn out.. Well, a wee bit odious if I might be honest. The pacing and plot are going to be a bit out of proportion, and the characters may tend to act out of character at times. 
I'll try my best to make this enjoyable during these rather tough times though, so on that note,
Please enjoy! 💓