Temptations of the devils spawn (ManxBoy)

Temptations of the devils spawn (ManxBoy)

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Tat By ToBeAnOtaku101 Updated Feb 15

21 year old Xavier doesn't want anything. Not when he already has everything. He's bored, left alone with endless power and money, even some dark memories and a cruel heart. His father owns countless companies around the world, and as the third son, Xavier doesn't need to worry about inheriting.

16 year old Nathan is an orphan, living on the streets of Minneapolis. He barely gets on by working several odd jobs. He has nothing, and has only known pain his whole life.

When things turn to desperation, Nathan tries to pickpocket to get some money, the victim being Xavier. What happens next is completely unexpected by both and each discover a part of themselves only the other can satisfy.

kisabelle04 kisabelle04 Aug 08
My Anger is hurling inside me. BAY BLADE LET IT  SΔTΔΠ SΔTΔΠ SΔTΔΠ
Meaning I can't read cause I'm in school and such horny details is not good for my health
I'm seeing is Nathan on the Wall and the guy having red eyes
Hahahhah xD I love Nathan so much also fun fact I named my sim Nathan he also had a twin Ethan xD
Okay, you twats better shut the hell up right now. This poor kid hasn't eaten in days and yet you're complaining about Netflix? Fr rn?
Dude... Netflix it's just $10....and girl, you don't need tattoos, that's an extra.