Sex house

Sex house

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dance_with_me By dance_with_me Updated Feb 17, 2016

Ok hi! My names Stacey and I live in the sex house! It all began one day when me my friends Britt and Amanda and Ross, rocky, riker, Ratliff and rydel got an idea

We were all so hormone crazed we couldn't keep our hands off eachother!!

So instead of running back and forth renting hotels and all that sh!t we made a sex house! 

That's right we all live in it! I'm Ross's girlfriend and Britt is with rocky, and Amanda is with riker! Oh and there is a RYDELLINGTON!!! That's right! (I ship it)

We all have sex with eachother our deal is we have special boys and the boys have special girls but with no strings attached...if that makes sense.

Sometimes we even all have just one big sex fest where all of the house just runs around naked fukcing who ever and doing whatever they want. Like threesomes, foursomes, tensomes, if that's a thing or whatever)! 

WARNING‼️‼️‼️THIS BOOK IS R- RATED!!!‼️‼️‼️❌‼️❌‼️ 

Enjoy your stay at the sex house! 
Every chapter will have sex...just saying!

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