It's Simple. I use you. You use me.

It's Simple. I use you. You use me.

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Lucille is 17 years old. She does not have many friends. She's always been by herself since she had a hard time making friends. 

Ethan is also 17 years old. He is one of the most popular guys at school. He is the head of his baseball team. Boys admire him. And girls drool over his perfect looks. 

One night Ethan saves Lucille from a robbery. From there, one crazy decision made by the two to become "friends with benefits" leads to an endless, hot romance that's full of tears and untold feelings.

aniroma aniroma Sep 16
Ok yesterday you didn't know her name and now you just smooching on her like you didn't just find out she exists...boy bye
Lmao all the comments are saying sexual harassment or that it escalated quickly but I'm over here like wtf doesn't she have a pass lock? 😂
The only thing I can give you is a damn fly because that's the only thing in my wallet 😭
BaddWolfie BaddWolfie 4 days ago
LMAO I can picture him dramatically holding his face in shock😂😂
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