Preached By My Neighbor [BoyXBoy]

Preached By My Neighbor [BoyXBoy]

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        Wesley Bennett is living his life with regret, sadness and pain. Guilty of what he has done a long time ago, he moves everywhere for the hope of forgetting his past. But it always doesn't. It doesn't work that way. Until one time, he sees his old pal in the bathroom and they both have a heart to heart talk. Now, he believes that he can live again with hapiness and rainbows. His old pal forgave him. But he still feels empty and regretful. When he sees his neighbor, he can't stop his eyes from staring at him. Whenever he looks at him, he feels the true meaning of life. For a fear of doing the same biggest mistake, he never approaches his neighbor... because the hunky man has a wife.
        Dex Evans is very religious. He believes of what his parents taught him. Living an almost perfect life, his son, Carter Evans, gets out of the closet and his world crumbles, the heaven breaks down and his heart breaks. He disowns his son, but the guilt is eating him. He can't afford to see his son breaking but what should he do? When he meets his new neighbor, everything he knows about himself is becoming a lie and everything he believes becomes plain fake.

        Discovering his neighbor's sexuality, Dex preaches his neighbor about the words of God. But what if preaching turns into a talk of love?

        Could they both hold into it? Or let it fade away?

        This story is about finding what real meaning of love is, about forgiving, about realizing things around.

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ChrisMathis ChrisMathis May 31
Hey quick question I had about previous story what ever happens to the Mayhem boy ...Ronnie I think his name was does he go gay or bi or stays straight just had the question pop into my head ya knw so
DaleLex DaleLex Oct 25, 2016
Not to be annoying but for future reference the word is curtsy not curt. Curt means rude. Any way great story so far.
i_cant_even_ana i_cant_even_ana Feb 14, 2016
I thought his middle name was Virgil?? I think it was Virgil
i_cant_even_ana i_cant_even_ana Feb 14, 2016
I just realized that their son's name is their ship name(ノ*゚ー゚)ノ. Dex(ter)+Cara= Carter le gassssp😂
NaotoMoon79 NaotoMoon79 Sep 08, 2014
Thanks for the dedication!
                              Love your story!
                              Can't wait for your next update...