curves // irwin (completed)

curves // irwin (completed)

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trixya trash By anarcho-brat Completed

❝i'm fat.❞

❝no, you're beautiful.❞

❝why can't i be both?❞

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impassionatelyluke impassionatelyluke Aug 05, 2017
why thank you kind sir, now if you dont mind me, let me pull out my gun. for educational purposes.
BobcatLynx BobcatLynx Apr 11, 2017
But why did she want a salad? I don't want salads if I am fat or not. Salad is ew to me.
badlandsbts badlandsbts Jun 09, 2017
long dark brown hair that flowed into straight lines and kinda wavy at the end, and deep brown doodoo eyes. he thought she was really pretty***
impassionatelyluke impassionatelyluke Aug 05, 2017
i honestly hate when people get mad at other people for saying someone is fat. fat is a neutral word, its not a bad thing, its an adjective. if i called someone fat, and they were, that would be the truth, but if i said they were ugly because they were fat, would not be the truth.
                              ok rant over
mydamnheart mydamnheart Jun 18, 2017
Okay that's not okay, how would this be if a girl yelled, "hey there sexy" and a guy punched her in the face? This is so sexist and terrible. And the guy is expected to just take it.
blue-flower-crowns blue-flower-crowns Feb 19, 2016
Okay, if you are comfortable with this (and this is only a recommendation) can you make a boy about defying gender roles and maybe (again if you want to) have the main character be transgender? I would really like a strong LGBT book and you seem like a great author.