A Little Bit Of Incest [BoyxBoy]

A Little Bit Of Incest [BoyxBoy]

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*Perviously known as They Call It INCEST, I Call It LOVE!*
*Book number 1*

Cameron has always loved his brother more than you could imagine, but not in a brotherly way. Little does he know that his brother, Andy, feels the same way. Both boys have been through more than you can imagine and they are about to go through a lot more. If only life were easier...
*sexual content warning*

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 story! Read at your own risk...

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So I would talk about the video None. Of. Those. Girls. Had. Boobs. Only. One.  Wahaahahaha 😢😢😢😂😂😂😂😂
When I first read that, I thought it said "I tend to stay away when he is in the wh*r*s." 😂
So I at the picture and was like:
                              Oh these look like and have the same names as the twins from my school.
                              Never gonna look at them in the same way again...
EmperessV EmperessV Nov 20
Everyone's talking about American places and I'm like
                              "I'm from London, and no I don't drink tea every minute"
                              I had surgery 2 days ago in Boston jfkskfls
I'm gonna Imagine them as Gene and Dante from Aphmau's series