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I Love Her Anyway [Brendon Urie/Panic! At The Disco (DISCONTINUED)]

I Love Her Anyway [Brendon Urie/Panic! At The Disco (DISCONTINUED)]

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Sam ☽ By cozyurie Updated Jun 16, 2016

Jessa Weekes had just reunited with her brother, Dallon Weekes. Being the sister of the bassist in Panic! At The Disco, she obviously has been granted the publicity that comes along with it. Not to mention that the fandom ships her and Brendon beyond belief.

She goes on tour with the band, not knowing what to expect, and not knowing that Brendon would whisk her away with his charm and charisma. What she doesn't know is that he is falling faster for her than she would ever imagine.

Jessa finds herself in a relationship with Brendon, which quickly spreads throughout the news and web. Although, with conflicts just around every corner, will what they have be as blissful is they expect it to be?

A/N: The first couple chapters aren't written too well (which will be mentioned several times), although chapter thirteen and on will be much better. Also, this story is currently on a hiatus due to my busy schedule. Thank you for reading and voting, as few as you guys are, I appreciate you taking the time. Also, excuse the incorrect username above! I had just recently changed my URL.

-Ethereal- -Ethereal- Mar 11, 2016
i was gonna comment them but like two ppl already beat me to it
-Ethereal- -Ethereal- Mar 11, 2016
tbh this has nothing to do w anything that anyone has said bUT RYAN ROSS
SavinaFR SavinaFR Nov 04, 2016
It's when I read these comments that I know there are actually such a thing as my people
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CalvinQuinn CalvinQuinn Feb 06, 2016
A fever you can't sweat out
                              Pretty. Odd.
                              Vices and Virtues 
                              Too weird to live, too rare to die!
                              Death of a bachelor
a fever you can't sweat out, pretty. Odd, vices and virtues, too weird to rare to die, Death of a bachelor