Book 1:Love On The Rocks[BoyxBoy]

Book 1:Love On The Rocks[BoyxBoy]

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*Book number 1* 
*Previously known as Emo Boy+Popular Hottie=Love?!*

When Noah suddenly loses his parents he doesn't expect to be put into the foster system, let alone get adopted almost right away. He loves his new family though and would do just about anything to be happy again in life. He didn't expect a romance to blossom though, especially not one with his new step brother...
Cover made by me 

*Crappy description, I know haha. This is one of my first boyxboy stories so read with caution. It sucks in my opinion*

LeaderOfTheCrazy LeaderOfTheCrazy May 09, 2016
Dude, you have earned my RESPECT!!! Gay/lesbian/bi people are best people!
                              You go be who you are man! :D
whoamiwhowillibe whoamiwhowillibe Mar 01, 2016
Who TF calls their own lips pink and full. Like hello that's for your lover to do
Honeybunnysugar Honeybunnysugar Apr 27, 2016
doesnt he give two sh*ts about the fact that his PARENTS are dead?! just saying... i think he is acting way too normal
ilovepocky23 ilovepocky23 Jul 13, 2016
HES SO HOT 😂 I promise I'm not cheating on my girlfriend 😂😂
LeaderOfTheCrazy LeaderOfTheCrazy May 09, 2016
Hello people from around the world! I'm from New York!...
                              And I fricking hate it.
                              I'm moving to Florida! F*ck this snow and sh*t! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!
BreakingMyEmpire BreakingMyEmpire Jun 26, 2016
My first thought was "HOLY SHÎT MAX GREEN IS HIS BROTHER" then I remembered that he already made an ETF reference