50 Shades of Greyson Chance

50 Shades of Greyson Chance

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ladleman36 By ladleman36 Updated Aug 12, 2014

It was the middle of summer and my family has decided to move to Oklahoma. I don't want to move. I've lived in New York my entire life. My parents say change is good, but I don't see how they could be right. I'm leaving my whole life behind.

I look out the window of my seat on the plane. The world I once knew is now so far away. The plane was silent besides the constant roaring of the engine. I just wanted to tune out the world and pretend I was in a different place. So that's exactly what I did. I took out my ipod and put it on shuffle. Unfriend you came on. This was one of my favorite songs ever. Greyson's voice was just so heavenly. It took me away to a better place.

Unfortunately, I had to come back. My mom pulled out my earphones and said "Bri, we've landed". I gather my carry on items and slowly walk off the plane. We make our way to baggage claim. Looking around even the people are different. Everyone talks different, acts different and just move slowly. I could already tell I...

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