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Bruce Elgin By brucerelgin Completed

"CORALINE meets FIGHT CLUB in a strange, metaphysical world where doll familiars protect our honor — when they are not controlling us outright." --Scott Sigler, New York Times best-selling novelist Scott Sigler is the author of NOCTURNAL, ANCESTOR, INFECTED and CONTAGIOUS, hardcover thrillers from Crown Publishing, and the co-founder of Dark Øverlord Media, which publishes his Galactic Football League series (THE ROOKIE, THE STARTER, THE ALL-PRO, and THE MVP).

"Cinematic in nature, Voodootown is surprisingly unique. It's like Fight Club for voodoo dolls. Spicy dialogue makes it perfect for older readers." -- Obie Scott Wade, Creator, Producer & Writer "SheZow!"

"The chapters go from a whisper to a scream with the panache of Anne Rice on acid. I could not stop gobbling these bad-ass little bon-bons... highly recommended!" -- Jay Bonansinga, New York Times bestselling co-author of THE WALKING DEAD: THE ROAD TO WOODBURY

About Voodootown...

Under your bed, hidden in your walls, they come out when you sleep to defend you.  They fight the battles you can’t, make friends you thought you’d never have, and make your life better in ways you’ll never know.  But they aren’t safe anymore.  And without them, none of us are safe either.

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The way this prologue is written is excellent. I like the way it also shrouded the character in mystery. So intriguing...
RebelDynasty RebelDynasty Feb 24, 2016
The Prologue is a nice hook. It instantly makes me want to know more about these living dolls, and just who this Sharon person is that Michael wants to save, and what from. Excellent prose as well. I can't wait to read more. ^^
RAnthony71 RAnthony71 Oct 17, 2016
Great Prologue Bruce, very intriguing and lovely writing style too. I see from your profile that you also train under Dan Inosanto! Feeling a bit jealous now!
DemetriJohnson DemetriJohnson Jan 24, 2016
I'm super new to this wattpad business, and almost read something else (which coincidentally  also turned out to be your work). After reading the prologue, guess it can be said I like your style already!
JesseSprague JesseSprague Jan 05, 2016
Off to an intriguingly ominous start. I especially enjoyed that I'm unsure if our narrator is slightly morally gray...or if he is wildly mad and demented. Should be fun!
- - Sep 19, 2015
*dolls come from behind me with worried minds* Shoo shoo my lovelies mom doesn't want you to see this *go behind me*