Never Descending

Never Descending

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SIS (Social Issue Series) #5: Victim Blaming

Why is talking about sex a taboo? What's wrong with sex? Sex is normal. Sex is fine. As long as it is consensual then all else is good. But someone being sexually open does not and will never equate to providing license for slut shaming or sexual harassment.

Iris Everleigh is an all-around social media influencer. She isn't your typical dalagang Filipina. Her audacity and exceptionality are what set her apart from the rest. She enjoys things without giving a single fuck to whatever people has to say.

Ace Frederick is the complete opposite. A primitive and vigilant guy. Never in his wildest dreams would he want to involve himself to someone who would just make his life complicated. His vision was simple: Be successful enough, get a decent woman to get married to, and start a family of his own.

So what could happen if they stumble upon each other? A club probably? Where Ace was just supposed to attend his friend's bachelor party? But ended up crossing paths with the irresistible and drunk Iris? Will he be able to stand by his principles? Or would it be impossible to?