Blood. [Parts 1 and 2]

Blood. [Parts 1 and 2]

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Midnight_Memories By Midnight_Memories210 Updated Nov 12

This story starts with an independent Capo moving on to A new becoming one to the one that was broken and fights for her life and.....for the others that died and lastly the one who is their curse.

"Any last words?" I ask the 24th of his men, taking down the cloth tied around his mouth.
"Too bad, I'm not interested" I say and kill him and the next one.

"Squirt your gonna regret waking me up," he says as he suddenly leans over me one knee each side pinning me down and starts tickling I giggle, and then it turns into full-on laughter 

"Giant......Stop please" I say between giggles 

So...that's my life wake up, get beaten up and used, get tortured, sleep now you know everything bout me. 
And wait before I forget: I never cry. Ever.

Rumors were something they had in common,
That He had killed hundreds,
That She was the reason.
That She had left her home and family,
That He was the reason.

"But She is a the Baddest Bitch and I'm just a left out nerdy ugly girl?" But everything is possible

"She is the reason mothers dead."
"She is your sister!"

"So that's my goal: Prove to them that Crime isn't the only thing to earn a big fortune"
"Your just 15!"

Okay so I started this as a Mafia Brothers book with a twist (let's just say the sister isn't so innocent either) but then it became a all in one: Bad Boy x Good Girl, Good Girl x Bad girl, Mafia Prince x Mafia Princess, Kidnapped abused poor sibling x rich criminal ones, Hated Little Sister, Cherished little sister, independent older sister, Overprotective brothers, a lot of drama.

It starts all fluffy and cute but trust me it has its fair share of tears, lies, betrayal, heart break and torture in it.

Extended description inside!

Also, the first chapters are pretty boring but I promise it gets interesting later on.

I suck at descriptions but please give it a chance.

BTW The amazing current cover is made by @shyyyie!!!!She is Gr8