The Hybrid ( BOOK I & II)

The Hybrid ( BOOK I & II)

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#Noodle By Weirdly_Sarcastic Completed

"Do you really want me, all of me? I'm not like other werewolves or vampires. I can't mark you, I can't fully shift into wolf form, I have a beast inside of me, Genevieve. Is that what you really want?"

*****Best Ranking: #1 Vampire  5/13/2015  ****


Doesn't wattpad automatically do this disclaimer? The little c at the end?
I realized I put this book in my library, read the first 5 chapters, and then it got drowned in my 100 books. I should probably reread to know what's going on. XD
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This is so annoying!, You post so often and My Ipad keeps going ding ding!
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your profile pic is really distracting me from actually reading your book. just wanted 2 let u know.