Depth Charge - red earth

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Steve By Funkysteve Completed
Humans new beginning on planet Mars is now history. Ryan Foster and Becky Pearson are searching for answers about their past, but when a new discovery of deadly creatures looks to threaten the planets inhabitants; they begin searching to find answers about the creatures and how to stop them. Cover-ups from government agencies and a conspiratorial detective collide with their quest. Will Mars survive, or will they be forced to flee to another planet? The answers will come from the strangest of places. Put on your space suit and propel yourself into the world that is – red earth.
here we go then if its as good as the first one im in for one hell of a read
been gone for a year, now to read the sequel to my favorite book on wattpad :D
OH!!!  YESSSSS!  I cannot wait...I am so excited to read this sequel...Looking forward to being thrilled..feel no pressure my friend!  WRITE!  :~))  You fans eagerly await!