Player | Luke Hemmings

Player | Luke Hemmings

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•Book 1•

Lilly Humphrey is probably the smartest girl in her school. She has straight As and she might as well get a 4.5 GPA. Lilly doesn't exactly like school as much as people think. That's because she has to deal with Luke Hemmings in all but one of her classes. 

Luke and Lilly never have gotten along since the start of their 9th year. Luke always harasses her and finds ways to get on her nerves, then he wonders why she gets so mad at him.  Plus, he is the school player, that's what Lilly hates most about him.

Lilly knows it's an act. He just wants to be as annoying as possible. He's smart enough to know what he's doing. He has a 3.5 GPA at least. 

How far does Luke take his harassment? What happens when they are forced to spend time together? Is it Luke's harassment Lilly should be worrying about this year?


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How can she get a 4.5 GPA if she’s not in honors/AP classes? Assuming she’s not, bc bad boy Luke doesn’t care that much. Otherwise, the highest GPA she can have is just a 4.0.
1D_Hemmings_96 1D_Hemmings_96 Nov 23, 2016
Oh my Hemmings Facebook status to relationship?! This is a whole new level!!!🙊😂
KristineMarie020 KristineMarie020 Nov 19, 2015
Sounds really interesting and it already sounds like a good book
giliatl giliatl Mar 26, 2015
Omfg gossip girl reference in the name am I srsly the first one to notice this lmao