The Silent Bad Boy, The Broken Diary and I (Major Editing)

The Silent Bad Boy, The Broken Diary and I (Major Editing)

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The Cool Kid That Never Seemed To Fit In By LolAvenue Completed

Dear Diary,
I hate my life.

Sunshine Rivers was once a happy child who loved to smile, laugh and spread happiness to the world. Unfortunately, happiness runs out.

After finding out of her best friend's suicide, Sunshine falls to a deep dark void called depression.

So, what happens when she falls in love with the school's silent bad boy, Ryder King?
She writes it in the broken diary.

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BunDKaozi BunDKaozi Aug 25, 2017
I'm just reading a sad story and then this line comes up. I'm already in love with Jared.
I’m just now realizing that I’m still in the first chapter 😂😑
SpongeBob2524 SpongeBob2524 Aug 15, 2017
I love that last sentence, oh Jared. I don't know why, I just start laughing when I read it. Oh Jared, it's like you're talking about or to a child and is scolding them but what they did was cute so you just sigh with a sigh and say, oh Jared.
beautyislie beautyislie Mar 02
Actually this is the type of question that would be asked in my friend group
HeyImSarcastic HeyImSarcastic Jun 05, 2017
WHERES THE PHANDOM AT?! Dan (Daniel -- heck no) Howell anyone?
Wow didn’t know u got amnesia. Hope you can remember this: Go and fück urself u àsshole.