Being Maddison

Being Maddison

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debbieryan By debbieryan12 Updated Dec 07, 2020

Veronica Norway has led a hard life after her parents met an unfortunate death, leaving her with a blind brother and loads of debts. 
When Veronica got offered a life saving opportunity which could change both hers and her brother's life completely, Veronica took the deal with less hesitation. 
Veronica knew what was in for her but what she didn't know is that Maddison's death isn't suicide as she had been told. 
She found herself trying to unravel the mystery behind Maddison's death while hopelessly fighting whatever attraction she has for Alexander Bruke. 


Alexander Bruke. Two words that could make every girl go crazy, screaming and begging to be in his arms. He is the world youngest and richest CEO and can get anything he sets his mind to. 
But what happens when he suddenly finds his previously irritating wife to be attractive and a complete distraction? 
Will Alexander be able to trust Maddison again? 
Or will he run away from the strange feelings which he knows could be disastrous? 
One Mansion. Two Beds . Separate Rooms. What could possibly go wrong? 

Drama. Suspense. Romance.


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