The Pretty Privilege

The Pretty Privilege

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Azia Mery By 3pointt14 Updated May 07

Being pretty is a privilege. But why don't we acknowledge it?

Dylan is the only coloured girl in her final year class. Growing up Asian in a white-dominant community warped her perceptions of beauty and she believes she could never be as 'pretty' as the tall thin non-coloured girls in her grade.

Her mom often lectures her "Gwapa, you are beautiful just the way you are" before school and she KNOWS she'd be a sucker if she fell for another masculine white male who played sports - but deep down, Dylan feels she needs to do something about her low confidence.

Whether it's to stop being afraid of the sun in fear of her skin getting darker, or to change her idea of success from 'how men see her' to 'how she sees herself', Dylan can't help but think if she's even pretty enough to do anything about it.