The Gleaming Ardors..

The Gleaming Ardors..

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The only copyrights owner of this art 🔖

The only comrades who pursue my spirit  💝

Sub : A short ideology of what it's all about 💡

Hello gentle souls,

This work contains my world of words, in the form of poems usually coded on my sight. Well, I write whenever my thoughts get a proper shape of what I exactly feel about. I sculpt on whatever inspires me in my life, be it people or thoughts or emotions and be it good or mild or bad.. I write about life's happenings people philosophy my dark times and whatever sets my soul on fire be it cheery or agony. My quacking feelings are secretly bound to my poems in a random manner. 🌼 

Through these words I connect my cosmic chords of life to this endless celestial universe. May be they would be a pill that you craved for, to heal the thirsty maims of your soul. Or a potion of strength, that's all you need to confront the rest of your life's tossing toll.⚡

I welcome you all to this theurgic world of mine that is made with a crown of words, all set to the rhythm of life. 📜

So stay with me to hear on what my words enliven about. Try to seek the eetsy pieces of my soul inscribed in it..✍.. 

With dripping love❣
Yaris 🔆


Churn the tears to elixir of courage 💧
Grind the goodness to fire the rotten 🔥
Crush the demon inside to radiate vibrance🕯
To dawn on eternal wisdom and resurrection 💝
- Yaris words ✔



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