Double Fury (Book Two)

Double Fury (Book Two)

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Hope "Moose" Williams By hope_forever_18 Completed

"A hero, a chief, companions, dragons. Rise up against the evil one, save the home of many. The army of demons approaches. Beware, Thora, daughter of Thord, for love will be your ultimate downfall."

A few years have passed since the defeat of Drago Bludvist. Life on Berk is peaceful, and with four Night Furies in the village instead of one, it's certainly more interesting.

Hiccup is the Chieftain of Berk, Thora has a steady job when it comes to training the baby Furies, and the two of them are busy with planning their upcoming wedding. Because of this, there is an air of excitement throughout the whole village. The two Night Fury riders, together as one.

What the Berkian Vikings don't know is that a new threat looms nearby. A dark force festers and builds every day, and the driving force behind their actions is only growing stronger.

Revenge. Revenge on Thora and her entire bloodline.

The past starts to reveal itself again and secrets are brought to light, prompting Thora to face the demons she hid away for so long. As she discovers more about who her parents were and who she is meant to be, her destiny rings clear and her true power unearths itself. She has more choices to make.

Stronger than ever, she knows that she'll do whatever it takes to protect Berk and the ones she's learned to love. When it all comes down to a final battle between the forces of good and evil, one decision will seal the fate of all life on and around the island of Berk.

Book Two in the Fury Saga

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Is it me or in the movies does Toothless sometimes look like a girl
AnimeFreakedaj AnimeFreakedaj Feb 23, 2016
Gohd mother talks. My moms gives me weird talks like this too
RealestTrashcan RealestTrashcan Feb 23, 2016
I love the changes you made to this <3 Strong, independent Thora FTW
A_Lone_She_Wolf A_Lone_She_Wolf Feb 23, 2016
Read the info thingy and KNEW THEY WERE GOING TO BE TOGETHER!!!!!!!
toothless_and_me toothless_and_me Mar 12, 2016
I've been waiting so long for two minuets cuz I searched it up!
MangledGamer242 MangledGamer242 Jun 25, 2015
This jut got interesting.... *looks at Shock* right bud? Shock-nods in agreement