The Search

The Search

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Christina By CaptainOnesto Updated Jan 17

Previously known as 'The Unexpected Queen.'
"He follows me still, so I turn around to look at him. 'What do you want?' I say narrowing my eyes at him.

'To know what you are searching for,' he states all too simply. To know what I am searching for? I guess I never really thought of it. I stand there thinking of my answer. Then it dawns on me.

'For love,' I admit."

Azalea the mere housemaid, according to Lady Guinevere, has no life ahead of her. She has no friends, except a horse named Joy, and has two parsimonious step sisters, Helen and Alys to keep her company. Not an ideal life right? That is until she meets devilishly handsome, farmboy Rowan. They become friends, but will they become more? 
             The Prince's Maiden Ball is taking the kingdom by storm. Who will be there? What shall I wear? Will he pick me to be his wife? Azalea is less than interested in Prince Peter. But will a personal visit change her mind? Could she finally have the life that she deserves?


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It's the first chapter (the beginning of that chapter) and I'm already added three people on my 'kill' list...
mybookishlythoughts mybookishlythoughts Jun 23, 2016
Oh my goodness. This is seriously really good! It gives me the Cinderella-vibes! It makes me want to read more and find out what happens next! ;-)
FanastyQueen FanastyQueen Jul 28, 2016
Yes quite rude indeed, just as it is rude to drown a kitten, or a puppy. GOD.
saraeves3 saraeves3 May 06, 2016
So, when you read your story out loud comas are the places where you take a breath in your sentence. If the pause isn't natural, don't put a coma there. When in doubt don't use a coma. :) I like the character you have here. She already has my sympathy.
saraeves3 saraeves3 May 06, 2016
These sentences don't make sense and are incomplete. They may work better combined with the sentence "My father was the strong kind". Also, "too sick". I know, the English language rules can get frustrating. I wouldn't critique if I didn't like your story enough to try to help! It is intriguing.
ohnolily ohnolily Oct 25, 2016
No big deal she just passed out from being whipped hard from her stepmother