His Sabah

His Sabah

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J K By ShabTuSubah Updated Oct 30

"You are not--and never will be--my wife."

Salim Meer. He smokes, he drinks, he parties, and he couldn't care less about his religion. He struggles to keep his painful past that way--in the past--and often turns to violence and danger to keep his mind from revisiting it.

Sabah Ibrahim. She's never smoked or had alcohol, never been to a party, and is extremely devout and conservative. She volunteers at the community center, helps out at her local mosque, and reads in her free time.

They never thought polar opposites like them could meet. Or worse...

When Salim comes home one day to find a random girl in his living room, he has no idea what to do except what he does best. Get angry and throw a fit. Especially when he finds out that this stranger is his so-called "wife." 

Unable to get rid of her, Salim must learn to cope with this annoying, childish, and sickeningly innocent girl he is suddenly responsible for. She irritates him to no end, pushes his buttons, and forces him to acknowledge his past. Yet, no matter how hard he tries to ignore her, he simply can't.

Slowly, Sabah begins to make a place for herself in his well-guarded heart. Around her, his vicious, fiercely protective side begins to surface, eventually leading to something that threatens to steal from him the one thing he thought he resented but now realizes he can't live without. His Sabah.

Her parents need to go like wtf. She ain't getting married (I know she probably will) but URGHH
Yeah she don't want to get married. She wanna go to school. It's sad when some people take something like education as granted because there are people who would do anything to be in their shoes
aayesha2008 aayesha2008 Mar 14
This book is really nice...looking forward to iy...but high school??????just high school??.. I feel kind of awkward...i dont think her father being a lawyer and all wud do this to his child
Misty223 Misty223 May 03
Usually an only child is held longer in the family. Marriage would be delayed and not even thought of. There must be a reason behind this sudden decision.
Anika_Nawazx Anika_Nawazx Aug 09, 2015
Loving this:), and something wierd is that i have a nephew called Meer and he has a brother called Ibrahim
sparklexox sparklexox Jun 23, 2015
Wow mashallah loved it n d fact that ur chapters r long makes me even more happy :)