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Realize What I Just Realize (gxg)

Realize What I Just Realize (gxg)

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I hate Spencer Carlin!

Okay, so hate may be a little harsh. I think it's a strong...dislike mixed with a hint of something that I'm not quite able to put my finger on.   She is beautiful, in every sense of the word and, really, it isn't fair.   Spencer has perfect blonde hair that never seems to have any hair out of place. Her eyes are a beautiful shade of blue, her face flawless.

Her clothes, though modest in comparison to most the girls at school, fit nicely on her small frame. And that, I think, makes me dislike her even more. Pretty, modest people have no place here. Not to mention that she is incredibly smart, almost in that in-your-face kind of way.  

She's the type of girl who managed to get every good gene possible. I'll even go as far to say that she can sing and dance, though I've never seen any proof. Still, it wouldn't surprise me.   So why do I hate Spencer Carlin?   Some would say I'm jealous because of all the things I mentioned, but I'm not. I'm just very observant and a little annoyed that her gene pool is so stacked, when some people (who most definitely are not me) get the short end of the stick.   No, you know the real reason I can't stand Spencer Carlin?   It's because she makes it so I can't hate her, no matter how much I'd like to. And until much later, I wouldn't know why that was.

What will Ashley do when the one person she can't stand to be with, becomes the one person she can't stand to be without?

PaulJordan2 PaulJordan2 Mar 21
She was probably thinking she used the picture to pleasure herself
xaaax_ xaaax_ Jul 02
Well, me too, idk what the name of subject i attend, but i also dont know which class i need to go 😂 i just know what time it is, and i will pick up my friend then she will be the one who remember all of it lol 😑
                              Well okay, i will continue reading now
Meeeeeee so freakin me I have done that to a teacher to many times to count😂
AmyChristie AmyChristie Jun 29
In my mind I thought of madison saying this then break dancing and I can't stop laughing
jarose14 jarose14 Feb 19
Second time reading this book and this always makes me cringe😭