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Rosy Cubias By auroran_rose Completed

The cold. That's all you've ever felt. As well as for the felling of loneliness and pain.

You were running through a snowy forest, your long (h/c) swaying to the sides, running from your monster of a father. Your father has abused you since your mom died, you were around 3 months old when it happened. Your 6 year old body was starting to get tired of running for days. (Somehow the little girl had a ton of stamina.) Starting to slow down, you were looking for some kind of shelter, because your raged clothes did not help.

Because you were looking to the sides, you didn't bother to look forward. And because of that you bumped into someone. You looked up to see a tall man. The tall man had a tannish trench coat, a pinkish scarf, silvery-blond hair and violet eyes.

"Are you okay little one?" the man asked in a Russian accent (obviously).

"Yes I am," you responded in a monotone voice. But in reality you were definitely NOT fine.

"It doesn't look like it," the man said as he cr...

Thewolf525 Thewolf525 Nov 18
I'm not using a country cuz I couldn't think of something on the spot I'm using a state but watevr I dun rlly care
Excuse me. I'm a dumpster not a piece of trash. Get your facts straight.
No, it was Flying Mint Bunny
                              OF COURSE IT WAS ME YOU DUMMIES
Russia: i have to go. My people need me -runs out the room naruto style-
0oCupcakeo0 0oCupcakeo0 Oct 17
I'm 4....I'm...I'm a KID.ALL GATHER UNDER THE ORDER OF CHEESE NIPS-I don't know what my character could be telling my country....
Actually no that would be impossible at such a young age since our brains at the time monstly puts our memories as short term so we cant remember as babies. If there are small moments or a scaring incident happended then yes you could remember. But at 3 months?! Thats near impossible