clace jealousy

clace jealousy

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1st book in the Clace Jealousy series.

This is a story where Clary and Jace get jealous a lot. (If you hadn't already figured that out from the title.)

There will be proposals, kidnappings, evil Shadowhunters, annoying faeries, and lots and lots of Clace!


Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own the Mortal Instruments. That honour goes to the lovely and talented Cassandra Clare. 

I also do not own the picture I use for the cover, I found it on google images and just typed some words onto it.

On si far so good but I am waiting for something bad to happen
Her vagina?
                              WE'RE GOING ON A TRIP IN OUR FAVORITE ROCKETSHIP
                              ZOOMING THROUGH THE HOLE
GrangerSwan GrangerSwan Mar 02
Bye I just watched shadowhunters and Simon can't say God. DUH!!! But he can say llamas?!
Coolbeansguys Coolbeansguys 4 days ago
You can bathe me in spaghetti any day, Jace.
shaynapatil shaynapatil 6 days ago
She could have just gone to his room. Just to check if he were joking. And besides there is a bed in there too
I was at my uncles birthday party, and I just screamed "I KNEW IT" and everyone was just starring at me.