clace jealousy

clace jealousy

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1st book in the Clace Jealousy series.

This is a story where Clary and Jace get jealous a lot. (If you hadn't already figured that out from the title.)

There will be proposals, kidnappings, evil Shadowhunters, annoying faeries, and lots and lots of Clace!


Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own the Mortal Instruments. That honour goes to the lovely and talented Cassandra Clare. 

I also do not own the picture I use for the cover, I found it on google images and just typed some words onto it.

fangirl8000 fangirl8000 Nov 09, 2016
On si far so good but I am waiting for something bad to happen
Book_Worm7272 Book_Worm7272 Jul 27, 2016
Her vagina?
                              WE'RE GOING ON A TRIP IN OUR FAVORITE ROCKETSHIP
                              ZOOMING THROUGH THE HOLE
GrangerSwan GrangerSwan Mar 02, 2016
Bye I just watched shadowhunters and Simon can't say God. DUH!!! But he can say llamas?!
Coolbeansguys Coolbeansguys Dec 03, 2016
You can bathe me in spaghetti any day, Jace.
shaynapatil shaynapatil Nov 30, 2016
She could have just gone to his room. Just to check if he were joking. And besides there is a bed in there too
Annika_Book_Lover Annika_Book_Lover Jan 24, 2016
I was at my uncles birthday party, and I just screamed "I KNEW IT" and everyone was just starring at me.