The Daddy Games (ManxMan)

The Daddy Games (ManxMan)

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Michael Knight By TheFallenAngel97 Updated May 20, 2016

Six year old twins, Olivia and Noah, have one daddy. They used to have two until... He unfortunately died in a car crash.... Leaving their other daddy alone with just them. 

It's been three years since the twins lost their dad and they want a new one. One to love them and love their papa so he isn't so sad... But who could ever take the place of a beloved father and husband?

That's where six year old cuteness comes into the picture in the search of a new dad for papa. Let's just hope daddy dearest, Caleb, doesn't lose it with all the men they try to set him up with. ;)

Greeneyez727 Greeneyez727 Jan 04, 2016
The kids age don't fit their personality.  I know kids are smart but this is way to advanced it doesn't feel right.
LadyDrak1075 LadyDrak1075 Oct 23, 2015
oh.....conniving little sh!ts!! trying to get their father a new
lesorlem lesorlem Apr 28, 2015
Very promising.  I can imagine hilarious situations with these mini matchmakers.  Caleb, you either need to sit down (for what's going to transpire) or be belted up (for ride)
Master_mark40 Master_mark40 Mar 19, 2015
yea!!! can't wait for more! love it and I'm seriously excited to see how it will all pan out!
BradNoPitt BradNoPitt Sep 28, 2014
I bet its going to be really good. This will be something different from what I've read.
GlorOwo GlorOwo Sep 09, 2014
The cuteness overload shall slaughter me , omg. I love the idea <3