Love Arranged to Last Forever {COMPLETED}

Love Arranged to Last Forever {COMPLETED}

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Kloe By kloe_bookworm Completed

A story in which a young girl has to discover who she truely is in the confines of an arranged marriage, and has to  find a way to get out of the arrangement so she can be with with the love of her life. She must decide if she should give up her parents wishes and marry the one they chose, or go her own way, and pave her own path with a choice she never dreamed of. 

I began editing this book to change some major things, but I realized too much will have to be changed. Many things do not line up, mainly due to the fact that I wrote this right when I started out and was completely immature. I do not have the time right now to fix this, and so it will probably always stay the flawed, messed up child in the family. I love the story anyway so please no hate. I did work hard on this. If you don't mind all of this, continue! And happy reading :) 

Cover: @worldgirlalwaysxx

NanaAmaA NanaAmaA Jun 21
It's awesome to see people who always put God first.. I love
I've been in love many times. Stupid authors. Making me fall in love with boys who dont exist.
isabe119 isabe119 May 30
It's truly wonderful to see people like this these days!  Amen! 💓
I honestly love people who put God first. It shows how humble you are. May God bless you and guide you through your life. 😀😇🕆💖
SaMeGrene SaMeGrene Apr 13
I loved your prologue as well! It's really refreshing to see a writer who is passionate about God! :)
Volleyqueen2222 Volleyqueen2222 Mar 18, 2015
I like how you started it off and kudos to you for praising God. More people should seek him and devote their life to him because without him, we're absolutely nothing in this cruel world.