falling for my Step-Brother

falling for my Step-Brother

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Lillian P.O.V:

'IM HOME MUM' I yelled but I was greeting with nothing just silence.

That was irregular she was always home before me, but for some reason I had a good felling about way she wasn't home. I grabbed some crisps and sat in the sofa flicking on the t.v. Just as I was drifting into a dark hevan.

'Lillian we have guests' she sung to me as She walked in.

I lifted up my head and there I saw a fully grown man with hair down to his shoulders. He had dark brown eyes.

'Oh... ahh... who is it' I mumbled putting my head back down.

'Get up sleepy head, its peter' my mum stoked my head as she walked past.

'Fine im getting up' I sat up and rubbed my eyes I turned to the door and just at that moment my hazel eyes looked up and down a emerald green eyed boy and brown hair. Our eyes met. 'Errr im L-Lillian B-Burns' I stutterd.

He laughed at me 'im Jack Summers'

I quickly looked away and proceeded to walk into the kitchen.

He chuckled 'yes I am I see you met my son Ja...

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aww thanks atleast I know someone is reading im doing an update now whay do you think of it now