My Beta Mate

My Beta Mate

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Delightonthestars By Delightonthestars Updated Jun 07

Maddie Jackson hasn't had the best start in life. Her parents were killed in a gang attack when she was just a baby. She's been shipped from foster home to foster home and sent to various different families and homes but sent away because families couldn't deal with her temper. That is until she is sent to Mrs Greenwood, an angry, abusive woman who knows how to handle Maddie's temper.

Maddie is hidden away from the rest of the world until she is in her 18th year of living. She is rescued by a mysterious group of people who take her away from her life with Mrs Greenwood and take her to a safer place. She is cared for and looked after by new people in her little sanctuary. She is told to respect certain people like, who they call 'the alpha' and his 'beta' and although she doesn't know what or who they are she does anyway because she is used to the consequences of not showing any respect. 

However, she feels a pull towards 'the beta' and she can't ignore it. Will she find out why?

I like you already Jack. Dismiss that hoe and if you have to pimp slap her then lol
Poor Maddy she doesn't deserve to be abused and her guardian is a real witch
MADecember MADecember Jun 01, 2015
One of the rare few intro that actually touch me, this one is sad