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Pregnant But Rejected

Pregnant But Rejected

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Kira14FairyTopia By Kira14FairyTopia Updated Sep 14, 2014

Kacey Smith is a regular werewolf girl.She is shy but very sweet.
She has always expected her mate to bring her out of this living hell.
When a New Alpha comes to town,he came to a party which Kacey attended.They found out they were mates and they ended up completing the mating process.
The next morning,he was gone.She cried herself to bed.
Until she found out she was pregnant,then decided to leave her family and friends behind.
She came across a pack but their Alpha was gone.So she stayed there for two years.When the Alpha came back,he immediately went wolf over Kacey and her twins.

Crown4401 Crown4401 Feb 03, 2016
Not really.
                              "I came to school and saw Nancy and Nathan kissing."
Sylvera_Jade Sylvera_Jade Apr 25, 2016
Are you serious?! He did what?! Dose her mother know about that? And if not how does she know about it?!!!!
                              Her boyfriend and her friend Nancy can go suck a cactus!
City_of_Tye City_of_Tye Feb 19, 2016
Dѧm ıs єνєяʏɞoԀʏ ċһєѧţıňɢ ıň ţһıs ɞooҡ???
KOOK13MON5T3R KOOK13MON5T3R Apr 10, 2016
Excuse me!? There is no such thing as the body of a nerd. A body of someone who doesn't exercise, sure - but body of a nerd doesn't even make sense. 
                              That's like saying, "Oh yes, he has the body of a doctor." Makes no sense
readerholic2002 readerholic2002 Sep 22, 2016
What should men these days it's like almost all of them are cheating
LucyDelReyCrane LucyDelReyCrane Jan 13, 2016
Omg me too! I'm shy but got an inner sex demon in me lol👅