'Till death do us apart

'Till death do us apart

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[Maze Runner Original Fanfic.]
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Riley wakes up in a cold, metal box, scared and alone- and with no memories. She has been thrown into a mysterious Maze with fifty or so boys. 

While she tries to figure out who she is, and why she was put there, will her relationships with the Gladers build? And when Thomas turns up, could he finally be the missing link to her unknown past? Meanwhile, she seems to be growing closer and closer to a certain, blonde haired guy. But with something new around every corner, can Riley, with the help of the Gladers, get out of the Maze? 

Can she finally put an end to what the 'Creators' have been doing for over two years? Or will she die trying?

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oh my i'll break down later after i finish this book. i'm so gonna bloody kill myself after this bloody book
BEE-VER!! GET IT? GREIVER; BEE-VER?????? WHAT? NO? no? Okay. I'll leave now.
-Star_Kid- -Star_Kid- Mar 30, 2016
I'm already loving this book because it includes my name as the main character and newt so....IM HAPPY
BombAss_Pureblood BombAss_Pureblood Jul 04, 2016
                              I'm wired like that.
_Syltherin_Pride_ _Syltherin_Pride_ Oct 06, 2016
You can't do that?? When someone says Dibs on something you can't just say "Ah ya I-- I'll call dibs to"
                              Buddy, you just can't do that.
_Syltherin_Pride_ _Syltherin_Pride_ Oct 06, 2016
Not trying to be Racist but, why should an Asian have blue eyes??? I mean it makes NO sense whatsoever.