Between Now and Goodbye Ch.1

Between Now and Goodbye Ch.1

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Hannah Harvey By bookish92 Updated Aug 28, 2014

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One - Libby

I've checked my luggage at least three times in the past half hour, and yet still, somehow, I'm not satisfied that I have everything I'll need. It's pretty hard to pack for any trip, but this one isn't just an average week long vacation with my parents. This is a whole summer in New York, and not even that, but it's a summer spent at one of the hardest to get into culinary summer camps in the country. I have no idea what I'll need with me.

Each time I check my bags I end up taking things out, adding more items or spending a long time questioning every last choice I've made. I check and recheck my packing lists, and alter them as I go. Now the neatly written list is marked with ticks, crossed out lines, added in items in every available piece of space. I...