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T.M.LONA By More_Nike_ Completed

With a brutal, faceless killer walking freely on the streets of Freetown, everyone's instinct is to run and hide. 
With having a strong, life-long obsession for solving crimes, seventeen-year-old Cassidy Meyer's instinct immediately urges her to attempt to unmask the killers identity and rid the town of any more tragedy.

Being a high-school student, her life runs into a turmoil, her obsession causes her to destroy some of her most cherished friendships and ruin the lives of some of her loved ones. 

She dedicates all her time to finding the killer and her mission becomes a success, on her way to blow the killers cover, she's involved in a fatal car crash which causes her to fall into a coma. 

The fate of everyone in Freetown now depends on her recovery, will she be able to recover before the killer claims his next victim? 

#8 in Mystery/Thriller. (Highest ranking so far.)

100_optimsms 100_optimsms Jun 23, 2016
I love authors who don't stop reading the comments even after they've  become mega famous!😙😙😙😙😙
TCookieMonster TCookieMonster Apr 07, 2016
I want to be a lawyer, Barrister. And i'm going to study criminology. So i can do crime law. I find it so interesting
100_optimsms 100_optimsms Jun 23, 2016
She's just like me! But whenever I tell anyone what I like to do they laugh and say:"so are you saying you want to be a detective?" *laughs* like wth?
AnnieLlove AnnieLlove Mar 07, 2016
Was i the only one that thought that it was normal to have that amount of T.V's?
ammaa123 ammaa123 Dec 31, 2016
My blackasss can never talk to my mom that way no matter how much she pisses me off
PennyZee PennyZee Aug 06, 2016
Good thing dad has the cash to supply Caleb with an expensive place.