From Nerdy to Popular ✔

From Nerdy to Popular ✔

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I wrote this a couple of years ago and it isn't well written. I am rewriting this but for now this will be up.


Let me introduce myself, my name is Rhea Lyon but in school I am known as Rhea Matthews or 'nerd girl'. My father owns the largest chain of high class schools, hotels and restaurants and my mother owns the most successful range of fashion. Everyone expects their daughter to be a beautiful supermodel, but what can I say? I care more about science and maths than I do for fashion.

I am someone most people would call a nerd. I stays invisible to everyone except my best friend Jessica Fawk, no one in the school even knows that I am the sister of the school football team's captain. 

Then one day when I come home I discover something I have always dreaded. I decide that the bullying has to stop. Jessica and I change completely, from the nerds to most popular in school. We learn to defend ourselves, how to be confident and we never let anyone step on us anymore

And on top of all of that....well, there are guys.


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How is she the only heir if she has a brother? (As said in the description)
What the f*ck did the teacher do to you?? I thought she actually liked you and now you’re being disrespectful?!
Bangtanpink11 Bangtanpink11 6 days ago
                              KIM SEOKJIN
                              MIN YOONGI
                              JUNG HOSEOK
                              PARK JIMIN
                              KIM TAEHYUNG 
                              JEON JEONGGUK
Hart-melody Hart-melody Oct 18, 2017
ιn мoѕт ѕтorιeѕ ѕнe would ѕee нer parenтѕ' dead bodies
aj_sincere aj_sincere Dec 20, 2017
worddd 😂😂 @dualipacrownbish they be leaping for names worse than a frog
School starts at 6:30 ya know so i wake up 4:00 in the morning yay! (note the sarcasm)