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LOVE SICK : The Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Guys

LOVE SICK : The Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Guys

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ace By RaxzorF Updated Sep 30, 2015

This series is based on the famous online Thai BL
novel " LOVE SICK : The Chaotic Lives of Blue
Shorts Guys" by INDRYTIMES (twitter: @hedshew
go say thanks to her for this phenomenal story!),
which follows two high school boys who eventually
fall in love after a deal brought them closer
Phun has a girlfriend (Aim) but his father wants
him to date his friend's daughter. Phun's little
sister, Pang, is obsessed with boys' love.
Phun needs to convince Pang that he has a
boyfriend so that she can help talk their father
around the idea of dating his friend's daughter.
So he asked Noh to become his fake boyfriend in
exchange for helping Noh raising fund for his
Music Club.
Although the major storyline here is about Phun &
Noh, the series also deals with eclectic teen's
issues such as peer pressure, rich vs poor, rivalry,
relationships, gangsterism etc.
Sounds similar to Hormones The Series? Nope, not
entirely. Love Sick The Series has its own charm &
strong points.

                              MY SHIPS, I'M HERE TO SEE YOU ALL AGAIN <3
                              The "Girls"
                              ShayPop (maybe PopPang? hewhew)
                              and many many MOARRR. Bless you man!! Thanks for sharing this <3
JohnKyleVera JohnKyleVera Jul 25, 2016
Omg i can't believe someone put it here thank you I'm also a fan of this series and I'm really happy to see it here thanks~
KornLeeger KornLeeger Mar 23, 2016
Is this the translation of Love sick the series??? o.O OH MY GOSH!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I JUST FOUND THIS.. *.* I've been looking for this in wattpad.. Thank you!
kwanbonby kwanbonby Sep 17, 2016
Thank you for uploading and thank you so much and love u the one who translated it into English
AriellovesTOP AriellovesTOP Jul 27, 2016
OH thank god for this. I just watched season 1 and 2 of the series and I NEED to read this.
marshesofglynn marshesofglynn Oct 19, 2016
Omg, it's all in one spot and now I can die of happiness.😭❤️ thankyouuu.~