Losing hope -andley- (boyxboy) (Finished 12/1/16)

Losing hope -andley- (boyxboy) (Finished 12/1/16)

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Andy is the outcast in school. The emo faggot, beaten and bullied, with his own problems at home and in his mind.  

Ashley is also a reject, but a silent one. No one pays him any attention, even his mom. It's like he doesn't exist. So why should he anymore? 

When Ashley and Andy begin to cross paths, what will happen? Will they become friends, or more? But the most important...can they save each...before its too late?

WARNING TRIGGER WARNING SELF HARM, ABUSE, AND MATURE CONTENT. (There will be lots of fluffy andley-ness but also alot of dark/suicidal parts) 
!please read!

  • abuse
  • andley
  • boyxboy
  • love
  • mature
  • selfharm
  • triggerwarnings
danny-moved-accounts danny-moved-accounts May 28, 2017
I don't mind, no I don't mind,  I don't mind the rain
                              Simple things and subtleties, they always stay the same
                              I don't mind, that I don't mind, no I don't mind the rain
                              Like a widow's heart, we fall apart, but never fade away (fade away)
                              Okay I'm done.
danny-moved-accounts danny-moved-accounts May 28, 2017
My Mom and I do. (No seriously, my Mom thinks Ashley is a pretty man.)
DeadpoolsWhiteBox DeadpoolsWhiteBox Jun 12, 2017
uhmmm babe? i am gaaay for youuu (and just gay in general but especially for you )
PythorellaVonSixx PythorellaVonSixx Jul 15, 2017
I wanna kill Andy's dad. *get ready with Attack On Titan weapons and with Rize's kagune (sorry if i wrote it wrong) from Tokyo Ghoul*
saytenskitty saytenskitty Nov 09, 2017
Did you know Andy didn’t actually like MCR in high school and he said he only started likening it like after their break up because he only liked band that only 10 people knew about lol
danny-moved-accounts danny-moved-accounts May 28, 2017
@MiscalPixelStudios Remember leaving our window unlocked all night once?